Alt Oxygen is a survival game based on an economical design.
Beside surviving there is a story that unravels what happened
and where are you exactly in the universe.

Plannet Tellurian, a beautiful planet with nice sky view and landscape with full of monsters and enjoyable gameplay to overcome on all obstacles.

Tellurian planet is divided in two areas. A jungle part where surviving is harder than on all areas from two planet but with most expensive valuable stones. Second part is full of live grass lightning, plants and creepy monsters which are faster than your actual running speed. A jetpack is always good to have with you here.

This place is an abandoned alien base that is hidden in the mountains of the planet Mundane. Also there you can find a robot open to chat and tell the amazing story.

More about Alt Oxygen

Alt Oxygen is a survival game where you can complete a story. The game is based on an economical design. Here you can explore different planets and interact with aliens to learn more about the places. The aliens speak their language and are translated. Also to survive you need to collect gems and sell them to vendors to make ALTO and after that you can buy water, oxygen, food and all the necessities to survive.


Inspired by psychological facts, darwin theory and science fiction thoughts. In this section you can witness a story with multiple results based on your answer. For each question the NCP answer will differ and you will learn something new for each case.


Game theme created around of science fiction thoughts, universe and unknown planets with friendly aliens which are available to help you.


The game space is on two planets. Each planet is divided in multiple areas. Some of them being easy to explore and other being harder where you need a weapon to explore. Each area contains gems to collect which serve for selling it to vendors for money. Buying weapons, food, water and oxygen is necessary for surviving and completing the story.


They use their own ability to track you and known when should they attack or continue to patrol in their area of interest. Decision making is based if you entered in their area or not. But this is not aplicable to all of them. Some of them can sense you from a far distance and start running into your direction and can happen to can't see them because of a wall, hill or other stuff between you and the monster. You can escape from them by running, but only from easier monster. The havier monsters require a jetpack to run from them.

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